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Why Community?

We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

Community is the fabric of who we are and what God has designed us to be as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. As members of the same body of Christ, we need one another. No Christian can live a life that reaches its fullest potential apart from a community of believers; nor can a Christian say to any other member of the community, “I do not need you.”

Mamun Srizon

A Three-Fold Approach


Community is about living life together. We are committed to helping people develop authentic friendships through common interests, shared hurts and disappointments, and celebration of life's successes and victories. We want you to have a place where you belong.


Community provides a safe environment where people support each other through prayer, encouragement, and accountability. When a member of the community is in need, the community rallies to visit, support, and pray for that individual.


The foundations for spiritual growth in community are Bible studies or sermon-based discussions, prayer, service projects, fellowship, and accountability. Growth best occurs within the context of community.

What Does Community Look Like?

Campus Community Groups

Team-led Community Groups of 15-40 people who usually meet on campus, but not exclusively on Sunday mornings. Campus Community Groups are always open to visitors.

Home Community Groups

Team-led Community Groups of 8-16 people who meet in homes throughout the week (size is a function of space available in the host home). Home Community Groups provide a more personal, intimate setting than Campus Community Groups, and when full, they may sometimes be closed off to new visitors.

Speciality Community Groups

Specialty Community Groups cater to a specific demographic within the church. Groups like Celebrate Recovery, men's and women's groups, and others which meet the three-fold purpose of Community Life are considered Speciality Community Groups. Not every group which meets during the week is a Community Group. There are a number of groups (bible studies, choir, English as a Second Language, etc) which meet regularly but do not fulfill all three purposes for Community Life. These are considered equipping/serving ministries rather than Community Groups.

From the Community

What are people are saying about Community?

Sharing experiences, mentoring, relying on others, giving other people the opportunity to bless you and being given the opportunity to bless others.



I have never been to a church that was so understanding as well as accepting. I have realized that there are people who don't judge us by our past or by our circumstances.



There are really no words to explain how it has changed my life... with all the love that they show anybody who walks through the doors. They assess your situation, good or bad, and bend over backwards to help you out.



It's the people that I want to share the most intimate, exciting, devastating; all of the things that make my life what it is, they're the people I want to share that with. It's the constant reminder that I am not alone, and knowing that I can see God through the people He's using in my life.



Our Community Groups

8:45am Campus Community Groups

Bereans - A senior adult study and fellowship community group for married couples and singles.

#Carpenters - Our community group builds relationships through an understanding of love and acceptance of others. Christ is the cornerstone of our studies and God’s Word provides our foundation.

Children of Grace - Recognizing that we are living in New Covenant times, the Children of Grace daily seek to live New Covenant lives. We cling to the truth that Christ IS our righteousness and daily seek to boldly explore the depth of God’s great love for us in Christ. Standing upon Holy Scripture, we choose relationship over rule because love is stronger than compulsion.

Covenant - The Covenant group meets Sunday mornings for fellowship and study, and includes married couples with children of various ages. Our focus is on building relationships during our time on Sundays as well as other periodic functions, and gaining practical knowledge of God’s Word for application in our daily lives as we seek to serve those around us.

Fellowship - A group of senior adult men who meet together weekly to fellowship, build relationships and study God’s Word.

First Home Bible Study - We live, love, learn, listen and laugh with joy for Jesus!

Life Builders - The Life Builders Community Group consists of married couples and families in their 30’s and 40’s, many of whom are parents to children ranging from birth to elementary age. Study topics focus on Bible application and theology. The group is focused on building families, relationships and community, in an effort to further God's Kingdom. In addition to meeting weekly on Sundays at 8:45 a.m., we plan couple and/or family socials every month or two. Our community group welcomes all visitors and military families new to the Enid area.

Lydia - Welcome to our group of mature, senior ladies who share life experiences with each other as we continue to explore God’s Grace in our lives.

Older and Wiser - We, the Older & Wiser group, are largely made up of people who have raised our children and are now enjoying grandchildren. We have been, or currently are caretakers for our parents. Many are retired. We agree on the essentials of the Christian faith, but seldom anything else. We accept one another for who we are, and love and support one another always.

Sojourners - A group of ”temporary tent dwellers” composed of men and women, 60 plus, from all walks of life on an awesome journey and fellowship with Jesus and each other. A group of people who lovingly and compassionately care for one another as family and dear friends. We have each one been called by our Lord to lovingly serve, give, teach and live His Word daily as a witness to others on this journey. Led by Jerry and Barbara Erwin, we follow the “Explore the Bible Series.” Come fellowship with us until these “temporary tents” are exchanged for new tents made for us by our Heavenly Father.

Sonshine - Women in their 40’s-70’s studying New Testament books learning God’s Truth and applying it to our everyday lives.

Starting Point - As well as a general introduction to the form of the Bible and the main characters, this group will include an explanation of the text of the pastor’s message each Sunday in simple, clear English terms for those who aren’t familiar with the English language or some of the Christian cliches. Mona Loewen will plan and present each Sunday’s topics. She has decades of experience and training as an ESL tutor and has briefly studied some Greek and Hebrew.

The Encouragers - Hands Stretched Out in Friendship

Truth Seekers - We are a group of married couples in our 40’s with approximately 15 people. We seek to understand the truth of God through the study of His Word as it plays out in our own lives and in our interaction with others. We support each other in prayer and engaging in authentic relationships.

Upon This Rock - This group of married and single men gather each week learning to stand firm upon the rock as they study God’s Word.

Young at Heart - We are a fun loving group of mostly couples that are 40+ in age. Some still have young kids and some have grandkids. Our community group offers Scripture- based teaching and discussion that is applied to everyday life. We call ourselves Young At Heart, because we are showing signs of gray but we still enjoy play. If this sounds like you, we would love to have you come be a part of our lives.

10:00am Campus Community Groups

Accepted by Grace - This community group is based on acceptance, no matter your marital status, age, or level of spiritual maturity. We welcome people as they are. The goal is to grow as a community, helping each other draw closer to Christ. Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory. - Romans 15:7

Convergence - We are a group of single Christians that collectively utilize each of our individual talents and experiences to strengthen our walks with God.

Equip & Encourage - We desire to be a group of multi-generational people focusing on equipping ourselves with knowledge, through focused Bible study, in order to live the lives God intends. Being multi-generational allows us to encourage each other through each of life's stages.

Refugees - This is an eclectic, inter-generational group of singles and couples seeking to build relationships and study God’s Word in creative ways.

SOMA - "SOMA (Greek for body) is a community group for college age young adults who are in school or have entered the work force. We meet Sunday morning at 10:00 AM in room A104. Sunday evenings we meet at 301 Deer Run for dinner and Bible study. You may call 580.231.2764 for more information."

Sunrise Coffee Talk - We are a diverse group of couples, thirty to forty-somethings, from all walks of life. Each of us brings a unique view to our lively discussions as we invest in the lives of others, lift each other up to the Lord and grow in our knowledge of His grace.

Spirit Seekers - A group of professional ladies (40's-60's) working through Bible studies led by women ministers like Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shirer, Lysa Terkeurst, etc. Galatians 5:25 “Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.”

Veritas - It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1 (NIV) This group of inter-generational women gathering weekly for intimate discussion and encouragement.

Youngblood’s - Our group consists of young married couples that enjoy fellowship and going through the journey of life together. We have a lot of fun learning and growing closer to God. We have a wide range of couples, from newlywed to young family. Wherever you and your spouse are in your relationship, without a doubt, there is a place for you here.

11:15am Campus Community Groups

Graceful Life - This group of 30’s and 40’s, married and single, with a focus on studies related to the Bible, parenting and relationships.

Oikos - Oikos is a community group of 20-30 somethings, some married and some with young children, whose desire is to build strong, authentic relationships with one another and to live life together. Our diverse group is all about sharing life and faith with each other. As a family of believers, we believe that loving others means walking together through life’s struggles and celebrating life’s joys. Our group seeks to study God’s Word together in a way that is applicable to everyday life.

6:15pm Campus Community Groups

Fusion - Fusion is a group for couples 20s-40s with, without, and expecting young children. Meets in A100 (Conference Room).

Tuesday Campus Community Groups

Men’s Discipleship Group - Open to men of all ages and walks of life who desire to study and discuss different books of the Bible and encourage one another in the walk of faith. We meet in the Conference Room at 7:00 AM.

Women 2 Women - Women of all ages sharing life, mentoring and encouraging each other, praying together and studying God's Word. We meet in the Conference Room and nursery is provided. The evening begins with a light meal so feel free to come directly from work. Come and enjoy the evening and be fed in a variety of ways.

Home & Specialty Community Groups

SOMA - SOMA (Greek for body) is a community group for college age young adults who are in school or have entered the work force. We meet Sunday morning at 10:00 AM in room A104. Sunday evenings at 6:00 PM we meet at 301 Deer Run for dinner and Bible study. You may call 580.231.2764 for more information.

Sunday Night Life - Each Sunday, singles gather to share the message of Christ, grow in their relationship with Him, and create a safe atmosphere of unity, acceptance, and belonging in our community. Our purpose is to help you grow spiritually, connect with other single adults, and learn the plans God has for your life. Doing life together is what we do - doing it with Christ at the center is the focal point. We meet at 121 S. Coolidge at 6:00 PM.